My Bricks Istanbul is solely involved in the business of international real estate.

My Bricks’s investment approach is opportunity-led as opposed to investment- led.

My Bricks have over 13 years experience in development of Istanbul property.

buying property in istanbul

Buying Properties In Istanbul

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When a person wants to own a property, many questions will arise in his mind, especially if he intends to buy the property in Istanbul … So these questions are answered differently. Also that will be done by depending on the experience in this field of Istanbul real estate market, here we touch the door […]

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Benefits Of Buying Istanbul Property

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Depending on the real estate market changes in recent years. There are many advantages and disadvantages that a buyer can achieve from buying a property. In order to invest and achieve a material or beneficial profit return. In this article, we review several points of benefits for real estate buyers in general and in particular […]

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