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Spectacular Historical Buildings of Beyoğlu

The history of the most remarkable buildings of Beyoğlu

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In the rush of daily life, in fact there are many historical buildings and old structures on the streets we walk quickly without even raising our heads more often. When we look from the outside, every detail of apartment buildings in liveliness is interesting, which we cannot even imagine the historic fabric that lives in them.

Very few people are curious about the history of these apartment buildings, which have a completed renovation while preserving their original structure. When we do some research, unfortunately we see that, there are not too many written or visual materials and documents about them.

In this short article we have compiled for you, we have included some of the most remarkable buildings of Beyoğlu in our list. We think they deserve you to have some idea about their history.

The construction of the Mısır Apartment, one of the first reinforced concrete structures in Istanbul was completed between 1905 and 1910. The 6-storey apartment building, which was built adjacent to the Saint Antoine Church, changed hands over the years and the number of floors are increased to 8.

It is known that Mehmet Akif Ersoy and Mithat Cemal Kuntay from the literature world lived and departed this life and Atatürk made inspection visits to his Jewish origin dentist in this building, which hosted the Galatasaray School of Economics and Business Administration on its 3 floors at one period. In fact, according to some claims, the establishment of the Israeli intelligence service Mossad takes place in the Mısır Apartment. Mısır Apartment, which hosts many companies today, is still one of the most popular business centers and historical buildings of Istiklal Street.

Urgliavich Apartment, located in Galata Square, was built in 1867. The building, that was built by Antoine Urgliavich, who is of Croatian origin and belongs to the Latin Catholic community, is one of Galata Tower's buildings with the most beautiful view. On the 3rd floor there is a large balcony that surrounds the apartment from three sides. Urgliavich Apartment, which accompanies a unique view of Galata Tower for more than 150 years, is just another of our historical buildings where thousands of local and foreign tourists pass by every day.

Ipera 10, which was built in the early 20th century by the Istanbul born Greek architect Dovasiliades, is located on Serdar-i Ekrem Street, which is on the same street as the Dogan Apartments. The building, which was used as a family mansion when it was first built and has a completed renovation, carries the traces of the history to the present. On the ground floor of Ipera 10, there are a shop and a basement duplex, on the upper floors there are a duplex apartment and a roof triplex.

Papadopoulos Apartment, built on Lüleci Hendek Street, built in 1907, is just one of the Art Nouveau buildings in this district. Located in one of the oldest and historical streets of Galata, the historical Papadopoulos Apartment offers one of the best examples where the historical texture is blended with other historical apartments and newly opened galleries, boutiques and cafes. Papadopulos Apartment, which also gives its name to a book and has the secend degree historical artifact status, allows us to admire it again and again while walking through the lively streets of Beyoglu and Galata.

The first owner of the building, which was built in the second half of the 1800s and formerly called Işık Apartments, was a Greek lady. The building was built in European style and passed to the Bezmen family as a result of the Agreement on Population Exchange signed in addition to the Lausanne Peace Treaty after the First World War. The building, which has changed hands from generation to generation among family members over the years, was later given as a gift to his wife, Nermin Bezmen, by Pamir Bezmen. Pamir Bezmen, the respected businessman who passed away on the night of his son's wedding night as well as his own wedding anniversary, couldn't see the completed restoration of the building. However, the name of the Işık Apartment, which was renovated in 2009, was changed by his family to Pamir Bey Apartment.

Seferoglu Apartment, located in the Tunnel Square that has great historical importance, has the feature of being one of the oldest apartment in Beyoğlu. Seferoğlu Apartment Building is only one of the buildings that were built in place of forbidden area surrounded with fences that previously found here. There is a Tunnel next to the building and on the other side there is the Galip Dede Street slope going down to the Galata Tower. It is possible to see local and foreign tourists taking pictures in front of the building which is located at a very central and busy point.

Mavrodi Apartment, which is one of the historical buildings that comes to mind when it comes to both the Bosphorus and Golden Horn views, was built in 1885. In the building, which attracts attention with its elevator that opens into the apartments, going up the stairs means witnessing a different kind of a visual feast.

Cihangir Palas, built at the end of the 1800s, draws attention with its masonry brick walls and vaulted ceilings. Even though it bears its district name now, the first name of the apartment was the surname of its Greek architect "Fotiyadis". At the top floor of the Cihangir Palas, in which various companies have offices, there is a famous restaurant & bar called "5. Kat" that draws attention with its view.

Ojeni Apartment, got its name from its owner “Madam Eugenie”, was built at the end of the 1890s and restored in 2009. It is known that Madam Eugenie is the founder of the first pharmaceutical factory in Istanbul and her daughter Alice Ghazarossian is one of the most famous pianists of the period. The view of Golden Horn and Bosphorus, which is especially seen from the top floor of Ojeni Apartment, which was used by one of the famous families of the Ottoman Empire at the beginning, admires the viewers of Istanbul once again.

Gümüşsuyu Palace, whose architect is unknown, located on Gumussuyu Street, was built in the early 1900s with the Art Nouveau style. The Bosphorus view that accompanies the building, which is as magnificent inside and outside, is also worth seeing. The building, formerly known as Azaryan Han, also attracts attention with its craftsmanship, and is one of the oldest buildings in Istanbul and Ayaspaşa.

Located on Siraselviler Street, one of the most beautiful streets of Cihangir, Gravier Building was built in the late 19th century. The architect of the second degree historical artifact building in the Art Nouveau style is unknown. The old fabric of Gravier Apartment, which was renovated in accordance with its originality between 2010 and 2011, has been protected from its mechanical indicating elevator to door bells. Gülse Birsel, who really lives Cihangir where she always mentions in her series, also lives in Gravier Apartment located in the heart of Cihangir.

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