Dear client :

 Due to increasing demand, we are expanding our property management services. 
I have hired a new staff member to deal specifically with property management and tax optimization for our clients. Eren Gonenc (on whatsapp 7 days a week, +90 0507 421 4030)  will work hand in hand with you to tailor everything to your needs, with minimum effort on your behalf. Some of the functions Eren will perform, with my supervision:
-rent out your property. We will work with up to 3 partner agencies in the area of your property to ensure as far as possible that voids (empty property) are reduced. If you have a realtor you would like to market your property, we can also coordinate with them.
-ensure your taxes are paid in timely manner and that you structure it so that taxes are paid in full, but optimized.  (more on that in NOTE below).
-screen tenants for suitability, prepare contracts, etc. (very important step)
-manage any repairs, works that need to be done on your property.
-attend building assembly meetings on your behalf, if required.
-set up utilities, etc.
-rental collection (if required).
-check out of tenants/property inspection.
-troubleshooting tenancy issues.
-The management contract would be 1 year, renewable, based on mutual consent and cancellable at any time by either party.


You are eligible to deduct 25% of the gross rental income tax for services such as property management and maintenance. We can structure it so that we would receive approximately half of the amount, or 12% and the remaining funds would be kept in your account for future repairs, painting, whatever you require. Effectively, you would receive professional property management service + excellent upkeep of your property without paying anything additional. 
Please feel free to contact me if you have any specific question pertaining to your property. The above numbers are representative and may change based on the kind of property being managed.

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