Design inspired by then Beyoglu Apartments wild man, SP;  he struck a great blend of the modern and the historical. SP was famous in those days for ‘over-engineering’ stuff, but the results were always stunning. Well done, SP. But again, what probably got us a spot in the magazine was the wonderful decor Cici, the new owner, made a signature for herself in this sleek and, dare I say, sexy downtown apartment.
Again, it was one of those properties that exceeded all expectations. As the urban legend goes, one of the workers found a valuable old coin during the restoration. Who knows? What you recover on site…it is yours!!!

Project time: 2 months.


  • This renovation/restoration was completed by Angelina Ryabkova and team.                                             
  • WhatsApp contacts ( +905339693779 ).


Property Features

  • Balcony
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